How pediatric chiropractic changed a life

pediatric chiropractic for babiesI have been caring for kids’ chiropractic needs for 15 years, and my youngest patient is 7 weeks old. Pediatric chiropractic care can make a huge difference in the lives of these little ones. Children come into our office with symptoms like chronic ear infections, irritability, and sleeplessness.

A baby in need

One of our pediatric patients had very severe symptoms, and I’d like to share his story. Cillian was 8 months old when I met him. He was a Frank breech baby, born with his legs slightly bent and folded up to his head. The effects of this position lingered months later. His right hand was permanently clenched into a fist. His legs were rigid, and he would arch his back as if he were uncomfortable. Cillian had trouble sitting because his legs were stiff and straight. He couldn’t twist or roll over. He didn’t sleep for more than a half-hour at a time, and his bowel movements were days apart.

Amazing transformation

It’s no wonder he was missing the developmental milestones that are so important to a healthy life. Physical therapy had minimal impact, and the pediatrician had no remedy. I’m so thankful the family visited Frain Family Chiropractic, because the results were astonishing. I applied gentle pressure to Cillian’s low back and pelvis during his first adjustment, and it worked wonders. He had 3 bowel movements in one day and slept for 2 ½ hours straight. His fist opened, and he started reaching for toys. He was able to twist side-to-side. It was an amazing transformation.

Effects of pediatric chiropractic care

After a month of adjustments, Cillian could bend his legs and get into a crawling position. He could roll over, and eventually, he started crawling. I remember how happy I was to watch Cillian crawl across the floor at our clinic and into my arms. He’s completely on track for a 10-month-old boy. Cillian’s mom and dad are so excited. They sent me a video of Cillian rolling over, and are so appreciative of the pediatric care he received. His mom recently told me, “The only regret I have about Cilli’s care, is that I didn’t start it sooner.”

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